Sherry Marie

Mommy Majesty

Meet the Inspirational Self-Image Maestro & Fashionista Majesty
Sherry Marie

Sherry's family

Sherry is the mother of 12 beautiful children and is referred to as “Mommy Majesty.”

She is a Life & Fitness Coach, Author & Speaker, Fashion Designer & Stylist
and Interior Designer.

Sherry coaches women through her signature program she created and used after each of her
12 pregnancies to lose 60-80 lbs and get back her pre-baby shape…12 times!

Her mission is to empower women to show up as the most beautifully fit, stylish, confident
version of themselves from the inside out, to achieve all their
dreams and goals in this life.


Sherry is also the Fashion Host for “The Fabulous Lifestyle Radio Talk Show/ Podcast”.

Sherry Riverosa hosts Fabulous Lifestyle on KCAA radio

Listen Live on KCAARADIO.COM Sundays 3:00pm PST, 5:00pm CST 1050am-106.5fm

How We Can Work Together

Life & Fitness Coaching with Sherry 


Become the most beautifully fit,
stylish, confident version of yourself
from the inside out.

Coach Sherry Marie
Sherry Marie


Inspiring. Authentic.
Compassionate. Powerful.
Sherry Marie captivates audiences
with her dynamic messages.

esther 4:14

“I’ve been through major life changes in the last few years, all areas of my life were being affected – health, mind, and spiritual. During my journey to seek help, I met Sherry. I was instantly inspired by her; she’s my Wonder Woman, truly a role model in my eyes.

Once you hear her life story you too will be amazed. I have no doubt a higher power brought us together. Sherry has the ability to connect, understand and create a plan specific to you. Sherry utilizes her personal experience in women’s health and nutrition. I learned how to stick to a healthier way of eating, change my mindset and start to heal my inner spirit.

Sherry is a beautiful soul. She poured all of her knowledge into me. I am not the same person today because of her guidance. Sherry has blessed me with a lasting impact in my life.”

Gina Adria Overton

“Sherry’s strategies could be the keys to your future success, empowering you to reach your goals. If you’re serious about taking your fitness to the next level, she will lovingly motivate and inspire you to exceed your potential. Her formula is so powerful, leading you to the most beautifully fit, confident version of yourself!”

Cindy Liss Picado

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